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In Fort Bend County, Texas, our extremely expansive clay soils lead to significant foundation movement, resulting in cosmetic damage and costly foundation repairs. To compound the issue, some foundation repair companies take advantage of frightened homeowners with unnecessary and overpriced foundation repairs, leaving them burdened with massive debt, stuck with ineffective warranties, and lingering foundation problems. Imperial Pro Inspection in a foundation-foward, full-service home inspection company on a mission to protect the public from substantial financial losses caused by foundation problems. Whether your home is established or recently constructed, we offer fearless home inspection services and comprehensive foundation solutions, all dedicated to safeguarding your investments and promoting long-lasting structural integrity.​

Why Imperial Pro

We're Not Just Another Home Inspection Company

Imperial Pro has drawn knowledge from industry pioneers in home inspection, foundation repair and collaborated with seasoned structural engineers to become a leader in comprehensive foundation evaluations within the home inspection industry. Our deep Texan roots and unwavering commitment to excellence in unbiased evaluations, free from the pressure of upselling foundation repair, set us apart as the go-to choice for comprehensive foundation services, new construction phase inspections, and complete residential and commercial inspections. Beyond home inspections, we focus on providing the public with a clear understanding of the foundation maintenance needed to ensure long-term foundation health.

 Unparalleled Inspection Reports: Our reports are second to none, delivering detailed insights into your property's condition.

 Pro Home Inspection Bundle: We offer a comprehensive inspection package that covers every facet of your prospective home. 

 Home Repair Estimate Reports (RER): We provide estimates for home inspections any necessary repairs, empowering you with information.

 Comprehensive Foundation Evaluations: Our foundation assessments are thorough, ensuring the stability of your property.

 Foundation Maintenance Solutions: We don't just identify issues; we recommend solutions to protect your investment.

 New Construction Expertise: From beginning to end, our expertise extends to all phases of the new construction process.

 Cutting-Edge Technology: We employ industry-leading tools and technology for precise evaluations.

 Old-Fashioned Texan Service: With Texas hospitality and a commitment to your needs, we provide service that stands out.

Your Home, Our Priority. 🏡

Rule Your Foundation, Home or Commercial Building With Our Fearless Services

At Imperial Pro, we understand the challenges posed by the unique climate and soil conditions in Fort Bend County, TX. Our mission is to provide proactive inspections and foundation solutions that tackle the root causes of issues, rather than just addressing surface symptoms. We don't subscribe to quick fixes or unnecessary repairs. Instead, our focus centers on achieving long-term stability through effective moisture management and soil remediation. Bid farewell to persistent foundation problems and ineffective, gimmicky foundation repair warranties. Opt for Imperial Pro to secure enduring foundation and inspection confidence and stability. 

Foundation Watering Systems

Say goodbye to costly repairs with our custom foundation watering systems. These systems maintain soil stability, ensuring your foundation remains rock solid.

Root Barrier Solutions

Shield your home and foundation from tree root damage with our industry-leading root barrier solutions. Whether your home is old or new, our root barriers are a must for addressing the root cause of foundation problems.

Foundation Inspections

Don't wait until it's too late. Our advanced tools and techniques enable us to thoroughly inspect your foundation, assess its condition, and identify potential issues.

Foundation Monitoring 

Gain the upper hand with Imperial Pro's foundation monitoring. Detect potential issues early, save time, money, and preserve your home's structural integrity with continuous, expert monitoring.

Gutter Solutions

Safeguard your home with expert gutter solutions. Don't let water damage jeopardize your property. We offer tailored gutter system installation and maintenance to protect your home from water-related foundation issues.

Drainage Solutions

Protect your investment with custom drainage solutions. Ensure your foundation's safety with our tailored drainage solutions, diverting water away from your property and addressing potential issues at their source.

Sewer Scope Services

Uncover hidden threats to your foundation with sewer scope services. Our expert plumbers use advanced cameras to detect concealed damage in your main sewer pipe, safeguarding your foundation from potential harm. Plus, enjoy the convenience of FREE repair estimates.

Home Inspections

Confidence in your investment starts with our home inspections. From first-time buyers to seasoned investors, our commercial-grade precision inspections provide the insights you need. We're committed to your property's well-being, offering unbiased, comprehensive assessments that empower confident financial decisions.


Over 2,500 Combined Home & Foundation Inspections and Counting 

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The Foundation Confidence Package 🏠

Experience peace of mind and exceptional value with our Foundation Confidence Package. It begins with a thorough, unbiased foundation inspection – no sales pitch, just insights into your foundation's health and the science behind any issues. Plus, receive FREE estimates for tailored foundation solutions such as root barriers, foundation watering systems, gutters, and drainage. Bundle any two of these solutions, and we'll deduct the inspection price from your total.​ 

Rule Your Foundation. Contact Us Today.

Enough Warrantless Foundation Repair; Fearlessly Protect Your Property with Imperial Pro.

Prioritize our affordable, unbiased inspections, and soil moisture management solutions to safeguard your home, commercial property, and foundation. Unlike traditional foundation repair companies, we offer long-lasting solutions that address the root cause of foundation problems, without the sales pitch, focusing on real results, not just symptoms. Whether you're a property owner or buyer, choose Imperial Pro Inspection LLC as your trusted home and foundation inspection consultant to fearlessly protect your most significant investment - your home.​

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